Sublime Text 4 Build 4121 Full Key

Sublime Text 4 là trình soạn thảo mã nguồn đa nền tảng được viết bởi Jon Skinner vào tháng 1 năm 2008 với ngôn ngữ lập trình (API) Python. Nó hỗ trợ nhiều ngôn ngữ lập trình và ngôn ngữ đánh dấu, và người dùng có thể thêm các chức năng bằng các plugin, thường được xây dựng bởi cộng đồng và được duy trì theo giấy phép phần mềm miễn phí.

sublime text 4

Những ưu điểm nổi bật của Sublime Text đó là giao diện đẹp, chức năng mạnh mẽ. Có thể tô màu từ khoá (syntax highlight) cho nhiều ngôn ngữ khác nhau như C++, C#, SQL, XML…

Sublime Text 4 BUILD 4121 có gì mới.

New update dialog that shows versions, license status and links to the changelog
Various syntax highlighting improvements
Use goto-symbol to jump to specific files in find results
Improved color scheme/theme selection UI
Layout is no longer remembered when “hot_exit” is disabled. You can change this using “remember_layout”
Right-delete now respects “use_tab_stops” setting
Various improvements to behavior of moving sheets during window layout changes
Improved mini-diff and white space rendering performance under OpenGL
Improved performance when reading large files from stdin
Fixed regex replace not working on last occurrence when using look-behind
Fixed “save_on_focus_lost” not working as expected with the reload dialog
Fixed open files not being added to recent file list when “hot_exit” is disabled
Fixed snippet completions not respecting word boundaries
Fixed extra blank window being opened at startup in some cases
Fixed not properly exiting after a prompt when “hot_exit” is disabled
Fixed window unexpectedly closing when project has no added folders and “close_windows_when_empty” is enabled
Fixed tab selection stack not being updated as expected in some cases
Fixed transient sheets persisting when exiting goto-anything
Fixed squiggle underline width not scaling properly
Fixed line highlighting not working when gutter is disabled
Fixed case where folders were being added to existing windows instead of opening in a new window
Fixed performance regression under Windows with non-integer DPI scaling
Fixed syntax highlighting backtracking-related performance problem
Undo stack is now cleared when reading from stdin
Added Selection > Expand Selection to Block which has the same behavior as Expand Selection to Paragraph had previously
“open_files_in_new_window” is now respected when reading from stdin
Added “find_scroll_highlights_limit”, “find_highlight_matches_max_size” and “find_regex_highlight_matches_max_size” settings to allow configuring find limits
Added newline detection and normalization when changing settings programmatically
Sublime Merge menu items are hidden when “sublime_merge_path” is set to null
Fixed wrong path sometimes being used when viewing file history in Sublime Merge
Fixed focus lost when selected group is closed whilst reducing the number of groups
File-specific indentation settings are now persisted across restarts
Fixed some edge cases related to “find_in_files_max_result_size”
Fixed completions in input panel not utilizing available window space
Fixed expand selection to tag not working in XML
Fixed current transient sheet unexpectedly closing when using goto-anything
Fixed crash related to syntax backtracking and phantoms
Fixed being unable to open more than one new empty window
Linux: Make selection after middle-click paste consistent with other applications
Linux: Fixed race condition with multiple simultaneous command line invocations
Linux: Fixed custom title bar label color for some GTK themes
Windows: Fixed a case where session could be lost when upgrading
Windows: Fixed NTFS alternate data streams being deleted on save
Windows: Fixed slow window creation when using OpenGL
Windows: Fixed incorrect case being used when opening files from find-in-files with gitignore enabled
Windows: Fixed stdout/stderr output data race when building
Windows: Fixed hang on modal dialogs when context menu is open
Mac: Tweaked text drag-drop behavior to respect NSDragAndDropTextDelay
Mac: The setting “use_find_clipboard” can be used to disable global find clipboard integration
Mac: Fixed double click not working at the top of a window when in full screen with a custom title bar
Mac: Fixed incorrectly reporting successful key event when no command was found
Mac: Fixed windows not restoring properly with multi-monitor setups
Mac: Fixed window layout issue with native tabs when exiting full screen
Mac: Fixed title bar text not fading when out of focus
Mac: Fixed reading stdin not working when no windows are open
API: Fixed plugin popups sometimes having the wrong placement
API: Fixed plugins not loading when a .python-version file is in the User package
API: Added Buffer.clear_undo_stack()
API: Fixed and View.show_at_center not working from on_load callback

Key Sublime Text 4

Để có thể add key Sublime Text, thì đầu tiên bạn tải file phía dưới về giải nén bằng winrar sau đó ghi đè lên file sublime_text.exe ở thư mục cài đặt.

Download file sublime_text.exe

Sau đó các bạn tiến hành nhập key.

Tran Tien
Unlimited User License
0C0CD4A8 CAA317D9 CCABD1AC 434C984C
7E4A0B13 77893C3E DD0A5BA1 B2EB721C
4BAAB4C4 9B96437D 14EB743E 7DB55D9C
7CA26EE2 67C3B4EC 29B2C65A 88D90C59
CB6CCBA5 7DE6177B C02C2826 8C9A21B0
6AB1A5B6 20B09EA2 01C979BD 29670B19
92DC6D90 6E365849 4AB84739 5B4C3EA1
048CC1D0 9748ED54 CAC9D585 90CAD815
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